Why Pharmacovigilance is the Best Career Choice?

First of all, lets understand what is Pharmacovigilance?

The World Health Organization (WHO) has defined Pharmacovigilance as “science and activities relating to the detection, assessment, understanding and prevention of adverse effects or any other medicine-related problem”.

In layman language, it is the monitoring of drug performance in post-marketing phase.

There are many reasons to start your career in pharmacovigilance. Now let’s see why I consider this as Best career choice.1. Corporate/ White collar Job

A lot of pharma or life science graduates have dream to work in corporate and multinational companies (MNCs) and this is one of the best corporate job.

2. Best compensation packages

I believe money is the driving or motivating factor for most of us. As per my knowledge and experience, this domain is one of the best in terms of providing best salary and perks compared to traditional pharma departments. The average salary range would be between 2-5 lacs/annum.

3. Low competition and Walk-in interview process

As most of the graduates are more inclined towards other traditional pharma departments, there is less competition comparatively.

The first question that freshers get is how to appear for interview? And the answer is most of the PV openings gets filled through walk-in interview process and good news is anyone can appear for these interviews.

4. Seating Job

I remember, when I started my career from one of the small CRO, I had to work in lab for 10-12 hours by standing only. Soon I realized this kind of job is not for me. I am sure there are many people like me who likes to work in a seating work environment on a laptop or computer and this job is one of them.

5. Work from Home/ Anywhere

Yes, you heard it right. Most of the CROs are offering Work from Home option for pharmacovigilance jobs. You must know after COVID-19 crisis, work from home becomes new normal. Now, there are more and more companies looking to implement work from home culture. So if you love to work from home, then this is for you.

6. Future prospects and Career Growth

The demand of Pharmacovigilance is tremendously increasing day by day and it is the “Buzz” word nowadays, specially after COVID-19 crisis. In Europe and USA, regulatory authorities have very strict obligations for Pharmacovigilance of medicinal products and vaccines. In India, CDSCO is strongly taking efforts for awareness of Pharmacovigilance and making it mandatory. So definitely there is and there will be a “Boom” for this job.

7. High demanding skill

Again, this is one of the high demanding skill compared to other job prospects in pharmaceutical industries. In short, currently there is high demand and less supply. So those who are interested to pursue their career into PV, go and grab it.

8. Experience in India counts anywhere in the World

I have many friends and colleagues of mine, who started their career in Pharmacovigilance in India; they took experience and currently they are settled in abroad.

9. Life-long Learning

If you are looking PV as a career, then believe me you will be life-long learner. This is because PV regulations get updated on frequent basis and you will get a lot of learning to update yourself.

10. Contribution in patient safety

Like I said earlier, money is driving factor for me and another reason why I am into PV domain is I feel I am contributing myself in patient safety. You will feel proud for yourself after realizing how much you are giving back to the society.

There could be many reasons to pursue your career in Pharmacovigilance.

So if you are PV professional or want to start your career in Pharmacovigilance, comment your reason to look PV as Best career choice.

(p.s. – These are my personal thoughts on this topic. Your suggestions and comments are welcome)

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