How to prepare for Pharmacovigilance Interview in 2022?

Hello Freshers and Experienced PV professionals, I hope you all are doing well !!

The most important question that Freshers have after their graduations/post-graduations is how to prepare for Pharmacovigilance (PV) Interviews in year 2022? and same is the case for experienced PV professionals regarding what exactly to read for PV interview.

How to prepare for Pharmacovigilance Interview in 2022?
How to prepare for Pharmacovigilance Interview in 2022?

Don’t worry guys, I will try to provide some important aspects of PV Interview preparations. We will see Interview preparation process for both Freshers and Experienced PV professionals. 

Before learning all about on How to prepare for Pharmacovigilance Interview, it is must to understand first what is the Eligibility criteria to appear for PV Interview for Freshers? 

Eligibility Criteria

If you have Bachelors/ Masters in Pharmacy, Life sciences or if you have degree in Pharm D, BDS, BAMS, BHMS, BUMS etc. then you are eligible to appear for interview (eligibility criteria may vary from Interview to Interview).

For Freshers, Is it mandatory to have certification course in Pharmacovigilance to get this job?

No, It’s is not mandatory to have certification course in Pharmacovigilance to get this job. There are many institutions in India which are running such courses. If you can afford this, then definitely you can go ahead and enroll into these courses or programs. No doubt, you will learn a lot but at the same time, self-learning is also important.

How Freshers should prepare for Interview?

  1. Start reading about PV at least 6 months before you finish your graduation/post-graduation
  2. Try to do your project work in Pharmacovigilance related topic
  3. Talk to your seniors or friends who are already working into PV jobs
  4. Enroll into maximum free PV webinars (To know about this you have to be active on LinkedIn or other such professional platform (Follow us on LinkedIn, we keep sharing such information)
  5. Prepare your PV notes while reading so that it will be easier to revise them at the time of interview
  6. Also, you should prepare about Pharmacology drugs classification and your project work

How Experienced PV professionals should prepare for Interview?

  1. Prepare all the basics of PV related topics
  2. Go through JD (Job description) twice or thrice you are applying for and jot down all key important points; read and prepare those topics thoroughly
  3. Whatever you put into your CV, be ready for all questions related to that topics. Hence, prepare your CV carefully
  4. Research about the company you are interviewing for and get some knowledge about their expertise and type of work
  5. If its walk-in interview, you have advantage to know from others what questions interviewer is asking and you can prepare that in the meantime.
Below are some important websites from where you can learn about Pharmacovigilance:

1) UMC (Uppsala Monitoring Centre)


 2) EMA (European Medicines Agency)

3) ICH (International Conference of Hormonisation)

(All E2A to E2F guidelines are important)

Few Additional sites:

4) CMDh

5) PV training materials on EMA website

6) ICH – MedDRA

Last but not least we have published an eBook for Pharmacovigilance interview preparation.

The purpose of this eBook is to help freshers and experienced PV professionals in their interview
preparation. As Pharmacovigilance (PV) is very broad field, we cannot cover each and every aspects of PV in this eBook. However, this eBook will be helpful to understand basic concepts of PV and for revision purpose during interview time.

We have included following topics in this eBook.
  1. PV Basics and ICSR
  2. Special situation scenarios
  3. MedDRA
  4. Aggregate reporting
  5. Signal Management
  6. Risk Management
  7. EudraVigilance
  8. Labelling
  9. PSMF
  10. Vaccine pharmacovigilance
  11. PV Agreements

Why you should Buy this eBook?

  1. This eBook is created with our rich industry experience of 10 years.
  2. We have covered QnA from almost all important aspects of PV.
  3. If you have query then you can send it to, we will reply within 24-48 hours
  4. If you do any certification course or any post-graduate diploma in PV, you have to pay in the range of 10k to 50k minimum. 
  5. In comparison to that, we are offering this eBook on discounted price of INR 199/- (INR 249).

You can buy this eBook from following link.

(Note: After payment, if you do not redirect to eBook URL, email us at and we will send you copy of this eBook via email).

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