Certificate course in Pharmacovigilance Aggregate Reporting

Certificate course in Pharmacovigilance Aggregate Reporting

Hello All,

We have launched “Certificate course in Pharmacovigilance Aggregate Reporting”.

  • This course is exclusively designed for Pharma students, Medical practitioners and Life science graduates.
  • This course will be helpful to those who have ICSR experience in Pharmacovigilance domain and for those who wants to learn and excel their career in Aggregate reporting.
  • This Job Role (Pharmacovigilance Aggregate reporting) comes under Niche Skill, which means there is high demand and less resources available in the industry.
  • This is one of the high paying Job Role in Pharmacovigilance/ Pharma domain.
  • The Trainer of this course has more than 11 years of Pharmacovigilance Industry Experience from different multinational companies (MNC). He has expertise in ICSR, Aggregate Reports, Signal and Risk Management.

In this course we have covered following topics:

  • Purpose of this Course
  • Pharmacovigilance and Its objectives
  • Aggregate Reports & its types
  • How ICSR & Aggregate Reports are interrelated
  • Difference between PSUR and PBRER
  • PBRER and its different sections
  • DSUR and its different sections
  • PADER and its different sections
  • Additional Guidance Session – Process flow of Aggregate Reports and How to Switch from ICSR Role to Aggregate, Signal and Risk Management Role

Check out the below Link to enroll in this Course:


By completing this course, you will be more confident to face your interview in Aggregate Reports. Along with main course, we have also shared Additional Guidance sessions on How to Switch from ICSR to Aggregate, Signal and Risk Management Role.

We hope you will find this course very helpful, and you will land your dream job in PV – Aggregate Reports very soon.

Good Luck !!!

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